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Built In Decoder

Our advanced decoder tech prevents flicker on most vehicles equipped with faulty bulb notifications and/or dual purpose low beam and daytime running bulb vehicles

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Fiber Insulation

Our fiber insulated wiring is one of the toughest in the industry. It's to prevent accidental wire shafting or cutting.

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Heavy Gauge Weatherproof Body

Introduce another one of your collections. Describe some of its benefits to encourage your customers to explore more.

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High Light Output

Incredible real 20000 Lumen light out, 3x the output compared to halogen bulbs

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  • Top Quality

    Top Quality LED kits Available for all vehicles

  • Premium Grade Plug and Play

    Premium Grade Plug and Play set includes everything needed to easily install your new lights without cutting and splicing.


    We have everything in high quality at right price for your vehicles. Lifetime support for the product by email.